Paint Bucket - White Outline Issue

Hi guys

Is there a clear cut method of getting around the problem of the paint bucket leaving the annoying white halo just outside of the fill area? I already know I can just use a brush to fill the edges by hand but I don’t want to have to be doing that for obvious reasons. Unnecessary time consumption.

I’ve scoured through the forums and saw that users have experienced this in the past but could not find a universal answer to it and a lot of those posts where from over 2 years ago.

ive included an image of an exported jpeg just to show exactly what im talking about along with a screen shot of my advanced preferences. Ive tried playing around with so many settings but none of them have worked.

Please help!



Unfortunately, I fail to reproduce this problem.
I use Storyboard Pro 4.1 - and I turned on the Full Scene antialiasing…

Can you post repro steps ?
Is it as simple as drawing a contour with your brush and filling it with the Paint Bucket ?

Is this a textured brush ?

It happens all the time for me. Yes, its literally as simple as drawing a shape or a circle or anything with no gaps then after filling with pain bucket I get the clear white edges. Its not a textured brush, just a basic brush. This happens in both vector layers and bitmap layers.


The only way I was able to reproduce this is by editing my brush properties and turning on the “Textured Tip” option.

This makes the brush tool to be a textured brush without a texture…

Can you double check ?

Here’s my YouTube example:

Is this the issue you are experiencing ?

Yes, thats exactly it. After turning it off like you have, it got rid of the white and completely filled the shape. Thanks!

However now its reverted me back to a previous issue which is that when Textured Tip is turned off, the vector lines I get have a very slight but very noticeable jagged edges to them. What is the best way to get around this? I have anti-aliasing switched on.

Below is a screen shot of what I mean:
(TT - Textured Tip) If you look closely, you’ll see that what was drawn with TT off has a very annoying edge to it.

This is why I wanted to use bitmaps primarily for drawing because the lines I get are much more sharper and reminiscent of Photoshop. However I’ve noticed that the Paint Bucket tool cant be used when drawing with a bitmap layer. Is there a way around this because if so, I’d much rather just use bitmap layers and do all my drawing and filling in that format instead of having to deal with the jagged edges im getting in a vector layer.

Yes, this is the OpenGL view which is a fast preview of what will be rendered when exporting.

If you look at the same drawing after export, you should see a better result.

Oh alright. Is there any way to have that same better result whilst drawing instead of having to export as the only way to see it? I tried turning on"Realistic Preview While Drawing" but it changes nothing and still gives me the jagged edges.

Also, is there a way to use paint bucket (or something like it) in a bitmap layer?

Sorry for the constant questions but you’re being a huge help so thank you!


The paint bucket in a bitmap layer will be available later. Not sure when but we are working on it.

you can see your layer cleaned up if you change it from vector to bitmap. this way you don’t have to export it. but you will lose your vector lines as it will all be merged into the layer. if you just want a preview and need to preserve the vector layer you can always duplicate the layer and switch one of them to bitmap for the preview.