Paint Bucket Problem

Painting drawings, all going well… until. one region will not paint. Checked, no gaps. Same area previous and next drawings (which are almost identical) paint fine. Initial failure was with a gradient (which went find in all other drawings), but solid color didn’t work, either. Any ideas? Thanks!

Sometimes gaps can exist but not be easily detected. When you look at what appears to be connected or even overlapping lines in 2D you don’t see a gap, but if you were to view those same lines taking depth into account you find that they aren’t actually connected because they are on different horizontal planes. To correct this select all of the line elements and use the Tools>Flatten command to force the line to be on the same plane. To avoid this from happening in the future you may find it useful to use Tool>Draw Top Layer which automatically flattens intersecting lines of the same color as you draw.

Hope this helps you with you paint zone issues -JK

Thanks for your advice. However, prior to seeing that, I stumbled upon a workaround. For no good reason I switched from Drawing View to Camera View, then clicked on the image cell, then successfully used the Paint Bucket! Not sure why this would work, but it did. Does this point to any particular issue?

Also, I’m a bit cautious regarding “Flatten” command…concerned might lose some ability to edit later. Do I not need to be concerned?

Well, I have one area I cannot seem to paint by any method…working to close any gap, or flatten. Might have to redraw, obviously a major pain.

Note that in TBS prior to TBS 6 there was an issue with the paint bucket tool.
If you have an earlier version than 6, log into your user account to download your and install your software again. The version you find there will have a fix.

I have 6.0, using MacBook Pro. This problem is getting frustrating! Spend so many hours with drawings, then trouble painting. This is seemingly random, sometimes find a gap, usually not. Something else weird…when I select lines around the area I need to paint, then flatten…some of the lines may disappear, even though I then could paint a space without a visible line! All I am doing is traditional digital animation.

You can send a sample project for us to test at
Please mention your Mac operating system and steps to reproduce the issue.
You can also supply screen shots showing where the paint does not fill and where the lines disappear.

Had the same problem, and you solved it. Thanks JK-TGRS