Paint Bucket Leaves Fine White Line

Hi, Tooners-

I’m trying out TBS as an illustration tool. When I draw a character with the brush it looks great. Then, when I use the Paint Bucket tool to fill in an area, I often get a thin (somewhat dotted) line separating the paint bucketed color from the drawn line color.

Other than going back in and drawing over the white line, does anyone have a handy remedy? I’ve seen this before when animatiing but, since it’s a moving image, I ignored it. Now that it’s a still image meant to be viewed for more than a moment, the unwanted effect is glaring.


Hiya Elwood!

Have you tried looking at an end result of that kind of a problem, ie, after sending it through flash or photoshop? I’ve had the same issue a couple of times, then not seen through the holes I thought I could see in my vector images in Toon Boom. If that makes sense.

Also, have you tried (and I bet you have) using the Fill Unfilled areas tool? Also your Close Gaps setting may have something to do with it.

Guessing wildly just so I can say hi and visit with you for a sec. Nice to see ya.

Hi Elwood,

This problem is usually video card related. This should in no case affect the final render and if it does make sure to report it so we can fix that problem as soon as possible. To make sure this is related to the video card you can do the quick test of zooming in and out of the drawing and you should notice that the white spaces are not constant.

In any case keep us informed.

Best regards,