Paint bucket issues

I’m having a few paint bucket issues:

1. Sometimes the area I’m trying to paint does not fill, but rather a random (not always the same) stroke across the screen will fill.

2. An area just will not fill, even though it is closed off (as far as I can tell)

3. I try to fill Area A, but both Area A and Area B (which is NEXT to A) will fill, even though Area A is closed off (as far as I can tell)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Since your work appears rather detailed, it may be necessary to zoom-in tightly to see. You may want to use the menu->View->Advanced Drawing->Show Strokes for this. Use the Menu->Tools->Close Gaps to fix the problem.

Hey thanks,

I took a really close look at the areas, and they all have a solid blue line around them. I made sure of that with the “draw strokes” tool.

I went in close though and noticed a number of yellow dots. Using the “close gaps tool” I eliminated those and the problem was solved.

Do you have any idea why “close large gaps” didnt close those tiny gaps?


i’ve noticed this rather random functionality of the ‘close gaps’ tool too.
the tb studio issue of this feature worked much better, imho.
at least in animate i learned to often use the ‘d’ button for showing the strokes :wink: