(Paid) Take10 Animation Studios is Hiring!

Hey Everyone,

Take10 animation is looking to build a list of 2D animators for various game projects in the coming months. Check out the site for more info and how to apply.


Hi there.
I think I’m half-decent but not an expert at animating. Are you “in” at the studio? If so, can you check if I’m good enough to join the studio? Give me an animation “task” and I’ll complete it and send it to you so that you can evaluate my skills and tell me if my skills are good enough to join.


Maybe you should contact them directly rather than ask for a trial project through this forum.

These are two jobs they have posted on their website:

Take10 Animation is seeking to staff up on 3D, Flash, and Toon Boom animators to work on games for home console systems. Work will be on a freelance basis and require to work remotely. Please review the jobs listed below and apply with resume and reel in the contact page.

3D Animator
You will work closely with a team to animate 3D animation cycles for games. You must be familiar with 3DSMax/Maya and have a strong understanding of the animation principles. A minimun of 3+ years game experience necessary. Drawing skills a plus.

Flash/ToonBoom Animator
Take10 is looking for experienced 2D animators. The ideal candidate must be proficient in flash and toon boom and posses strong drawing skills. You will need to have good rhythm and timing, be able to animate assets and characters provided to you.

For an idea of the animation quality they have produced here is their 2013 showreel:


(I tried embedding the video according to the information in the TB Forum Editor but everything just produces a link).

Thanks. I’m good enough for some of the animations on the showreel. I think I’ll apply.