P - Insert Control Point


I’m using Harmony Premium v.12. The problem is I can’t Insert Control Points on a control line. I have some keyframes, see in Camera View, I click the Show Control button (the orange fish bone), I see the orange path the object follows. But now I can’t insert any control points (shortcut P). I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I type ‘P’, I use the menu Animation > Insert Control Point, but nothing happens.

I know I can use extra keyframes to control the path, but than the animation gets cluttered by keyframes. I just want to adjust the control path, and I’d like to use the Control Points for it. Is that possible? Why can’t I set Control Points?

Nevermind, I’ve found the solution. The Layer Properties > Position has to be 3D Path (and NOT Separate). Than you can put extra Control Points on the control line, pressing P. 3D Path was the trick. Problem solved.

Thanks - the solution helped me.