Own TBS; what advantages are there to upgrading to Animate?


I’m fairly new to Animation. Own Toon Boom Studio for past year. Its OK… Looking at upgrading to Animate, if workflow is faster/easier. I’ve looked at “Product Comparison” chart, am trying to figure out if there’ s a lot of advantages to migrate up to Animate for $300 more (twice the price of TBS). Not sure I see what there is to gain for such a price?

Anyone who can shed light on the differences/worthwhile or not is appreciated.


Hi ve7ovy,You may want to download Animate PLE version and give it a try. It’s the free version and after you get in and toy with it you’ll see how much more feature rich and intuitive it is to use than Studio. I first started using Studio in March of this year and switched over to Animate without looking back about 3-4 weeks ago. the extra bucks were well worth it in my opinion.Jeff

As a newbie, myself, I started with TBS 4.5 and liked it, but something was missing. I kept doing too much with my Flash programs and importing it and just too much back and forth with other products. I’m cheap, like you, ;D so I didn’t want to pay the price for Animate until I saw how easy, yet powerful Animate was. Seriously it had just been out like a week and I moved to it. Now I don’t use my other programs unless I’m doing something with Text, which I’ll import to Animate. I’d say make the jump.