Overview Workspace: Tile panels *vertically* instead of horizontally

Hello. In the “Overview Workspace,” is there a way to make the panels tile vertically, instead of horizontally?

Basically, something like the “Vertical Workspace” except applied to the “Overview Workspace.”

Also, in every type of Workspace, whenever I click on a panel that I want to draw on, the image in that panel shrinks a bit (as if zooming out). I think this is counter-intuitive, because it makes it difficult to compare my drawing to the other panels. The zoom levels should be consistent across all panels and should not change.

Let’s say I’m working in the Vertical Workspace. I draw a character standing in a wide shot. Then in the next panel I draw him taking a few steps to the right. This is difficult to do, because when I compare my current panel to the previous panel, the two have different zoom levels, so it’s hard to eyeball and judge the distance that the character will be stepping.