Overlaying a video background?

I have created an animated caracter sequence that I would like to overlap with a non cartoon movie sequence. How do i make my caracter sequence transparent and how do I overlap both file so they run simultanously? Could someone please indiquate to me how I can do this? Or is this not available inside this version… thank you very much for your help, as this is my first animation project!

To bring in the background movie go to File in the top menu bar, Import File, search for your movie and set the opacity (probably 100% in this case). That becomes a layer to use as your background. From there on out every frame can be built with the corresponding stage of the movie visible. You will have a constant reference to the movie available.

As for transparency of drawing layers, they are like the layers in Photoshop when you designate the background as transparent. IOW, draw a character and it is the only thing that will be seen. There is not a solid/opaque background unless you deliberately make one for a drawing layer. So you would be adding a drawing layer and drawing your objects and you will be able to see the movie at all times unless you want to make it invisible for a while like any other layer.

This is the section in the User Manual that covers importing movies: