Overlapping Drawing Elements

Having a hardtime understanding laying ordering of elements and why I can’t seem to get it to work. In the Der-Der rig for example, The Head element is above the eyes, mouth etc. in the timeline window and the head does not cover the eyes and mouth. I cannot successfully get this same stack on my drawing without the head overlapping my eyes and mouth. The only was I can get this to work is to move the eyes and mouth elements above the head element in the timeline window. Can you help me understand why I cannot get this to work? ???

Der Der has been set up as a cut out character and has numerous pegs hierarchically arranged in his construction. Layering is from top to bottom in the timeline and from left to right in the Exposure Sheet. But when pegs are introduced and parent child relationships are constructed that puts restrictions on layer adjustments.

Here is a note from the TBS 3.0.1 user’s guide:
“When you are changing the layering order from the Exposure Sheet or using the Arrange commands, if the element you are trying to change is the child of a dynamic element, such as a peg or an effect, you will only be able to reorder layers within the parent element. You will not be able to reorder layers if doing so requires Toon Boom Studio to detach the element from its parent to change its layering order.”

So if you have pegs or effects involved they influence the way layering changes can be made. Otherwise arranging things top down or left to right should work to order the layers. Hopefully this helps you understand layering as it pertains to hierarchies. If I can help you resolve additional questions just ask. -JK

Actually I have learned more about this since my last post. The trick is to move the elements forward or backward in the “Z” plane using the ALT+(up or down arrow keys) this allows you to move a pegged element in super tiny increments forward or backward. And requires no change in time line position. -JK