I’m trying to output an animation. Flash won’t work because the sound synch gets lost. Plus, I need to be able to edit my output in a video editor to insert DV-video in the middle. I use Premier Pro on a PC. I’m having some sort of frame-rate problem. I ouput to .mov with 12 fps. The .mov looks good when I play it. But it won’t convert to anything else or import into Premiere Pro cleanly. The .mov files TB makes are huge. I’ve been editing video for some time using .wmv, .avi, .mov and even converting to flash. Usually I have no problem with a .mov file into Premier pro. But there’s something about the TB animations. I can’t use the H.264 encoder because it is so slow that even overnight I don’t think it would encode. Output to AVI doesn’t work; the quality is extremely poor. I hope someone has a solution. How can we get TB animations into a usable video format on a PC? Thanks so much. I’ve been working on this for 12 hours straight. I’m investing time to try to make some nice animations but I’ve hit a real hurdle here. Again, thanks for any advice.

Okay here’s the answer. I really needed it so I’ve investigated almost every option and this one works:

1) Output the TB animation in chunks.
2) Use QuickTime Pro (a $30 program) to re-encode the QT chunks. TB gave me a 53 meg file for a 1 min 10 second animation. QT re-encoded that at 7 meg. There was a slight loss of color depth, but no pixelation and my peg movements were still smooth (which they weren’t in any other combination/flavor of export/import).
3) use QuickTime Pro to stitch the QT chunks into a long QT file. You do this with “cut” and “paste.” It’s easy, but the problem is more steps and encoding then is ideal. Still you get a good quality QT file.


You’re on the right track, but a couple of things to work in:

First, when you talk about editing clips into a continuous piece, it sounds like you haven’t found the scene panel. If you put together a movie using scenes, you may be able to avoid a lot of post-editing.

Next, there is a Flash importer made by Toon Boom for importing into Flash, and it’s a free download. It’s a fairly flexible tool, and you can still edit once you get it to Flash. It brings your sound and sound edits into Flash with your content. You just have to make sure you set the frame rate and movie size to the same as your Toon Boom movie. Actually I think you can import into any size effectively, as long as aspect ratio is roughly the same.

Finally, you can adjust your QT export settings when ouputting. Not sure if that’s possible without QT Pro, but you have that now. There’s a button that lets you make those choices in the output dialog.

Keep on animating!!

why is your sound not syncing? have you checked the ‘streamed’ box in the sound editor? if not, please try this.

should you encounter some pops in your streamed sound don’t select any soundtrack in the sound editor, just check the ‘streamed’ box and leave the editor.

as for the quality: the best output is the .dv (5:1 compressed digital video), which makes the file very big, but unless you produce for the web (flash) it shouldn’t matter.