Output suggestions for TV playback

I have some animations that I want to incorporate into my TV show and want suggestions for the best way to output the TBS files.

I edit my show in FinalCut Pro HD on a G5 Mac.

In your opinion, is it best to create my TBS project with the 30fps and output as Quicktime? Any gotchas for the best TV resolution?

I’m using TBS to create my opening sequence and I want it to look good on TV so whatever suggestions I get, I appreciate them.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Here are some common resolutions for different video formats (the 16:9 versions are for widescreen):

NTSC - 720x540
NTSC 16:9 - 960x540

PAL - 768×576
PAL 16:9 - 1024x576

Web - 320x240
Web 16:9 - 426x240
(You can really output any size for the web, but 320x240 is somewhat common.)


i suppose mikhail was referring to the formats and not necessarily to the resolutions which are being discussed in a parallel thread. (or am i wrong?)
mpeg1 is the most common, low resolution format that can be played by virtually any device.
i would try to use a .dv tbs output, which is designed for the digital video. you export graphics square pixel to video rectangle pixel there (for instance pal 4:3 768x576 will be 720x576 as a video resolution).
the other option would be quicktime .mov as an animation with millions of colors (uncompressed would be a pretty big size).
i don’t know how long the opening sequence is (nor what the delivery medium is), so you’ll have to play with the formats a bit.

Hi I have been working on the same type problems the things that I have heard of are Vegas and SWF2Video as programs to do that type of exporting for a TV show.

Good Luck

I would use Vegas if I had it but I use our local Public Acces channel’s equipment and they have FCP only.

The quicktime movie will most likely work well but I’ll also try to the dv output as well.


I would like to know how i can save my toons so that i can burn to dvd, and play in a dvd player. thank you

as a digital video (.dv) format. this option comes with the v3.