Outline View, Polyline Tool

I have some questions regarding drawing techniques.

1. In Flash you can do an outline view, referred to as keyline I believe. When this is selected you can see the outline of your shapes on the selected layer. This makes it possible to make a shape while tracing over a sketch on another layer. When it is turned off, the colored in shape appears.

2. I really don’t understand the Polyline Tool. What seems odd to me is the way it makes each segment of the line unconnected. It would seem that the desired behavior would be for it to be all one continuous line that, once the two ends are joined, makes a complete shape which you can then fill with a solid color. The only way to get the two ends to join is if you select Snap to Contour, but the segments are still separate. I know you can also get the segments to join up by using the Merge Pencil Lines function but it just seems odd that you have to do all that. Perhaps I just have to get used to it as that’s just how it works.

Hello Zeb.
With polyline tool the best is mantain enabled Show Strokes (K key in my case), and thus can get visible the blue center line and blue squares, and that the forms may be closed and therefore may be filled with color. The joints that are not welded correctly will showed with yellow squares with red border (as gaps). Snap to Contour tool should always be enabled to allow the weld joint to be generated, a small circle appears at the junction. Each time you close a line, make a second click on the red square end and an X appears next to the pen, it being closed that stretch. The thick line is always the previously assigned, since the polyline allows the use of different line thicknesses in successive sections, previously assigned to the layout of each section, and this is a very particular quality of Animate. Then created forms can be handled by the Contour Editor tool, and if necessary, Alt on the nodes generate bezier curves where the line was straight. This form will not behave as individual pieces but as a whole in itself.
Ok Zeb, hope that this description somehow can solve the situation and wish you luck. Best Regards.


Thanks yoryo! That was a big help!

For the Polyline if you want to select (with the Select tool) the whole shape instead of one segment only do a lasso selection on one of the segment. If you click select a segment it selects only that segment but if you drag across the line it selects the whole shape. This is in Harmony.

If you use the Marquis option instead of the lasso it selects the whole shape also.

Certain two facts on this post unequivocally the best we have all had.I’m totally agree with you.You’r 100% good here that snap to Contour tool should always be enabled to allow the weld joint to be generated,a small circle appears at the junction.I agreed what’s said above!!!pool liners

Thanks David, yes, indeed, for me the best solution to the problem exposed by Zeb is all the time to see the line joints status so that they are effectively welded, and the form be closed and can be painted, even with different colors if desired, creating new segments welded to it. Remember click again when finish a welded división to close each segment.