outline only

Im using harmony 10.3 and I did a character rig with brush outline and fills but now I just want to show my outlines and not the colour fills.
I tried several different methods but it doesn’t seem to work.
Please find attached screenshot of my character rig and modules i used.

  1. I first used a bitmap composite and apply an override module on it to only show the outline colour, but obviously it doesn’t work because it shows all the intersecting lines that is not suppose to be visible. I thought the override module is taking the information from the bitmap comp (which suppose to be theoretically 1 single flat image) but it doesn’t seem so.

  2. I tried the vector composite that actually have an option at the bottom to flatten palette, it somehow works, but I lost some of my body parts that was using some cutter and override module.

Is there another way to do this? a more straightforward way to do it?


agreed. clone your current palette, and change all the color fills to white. unless you are doing some color effects with it you shouldn’t need the color override node at this point. just place the new cloned palette above your old one in the color tab. harmony will render whatever cloned palette is on top.

A different approach might be to create a version of this project replacing the color palette with white.