Outline-free characters

What are people’s favorite way to build characters that do not have a visible outline (line art). I thought of drawing all the poses with a thin pencil and then refilling lines with a zero alpha color, but I bet someone else has a better method.

Still don’t quite get it, but that could be me. In any case, happy you found a solution. Success with it. M

I just paint without outlines, just fill color.

Mark, what drawing tool would I use that doesn’t create a visible line first?

I don’t use outlines myself. Visible or invisible. But I guess if you want an outline (albeit not visible), you could go two ways:

  1. Use the stroke tool. If you want to see the line, go View > Show > Show Strokes. You can select and edit the line like any other line.

  2. Another way is to do your line work in a dedicated color. Then, in the Network, add a Colour-Override module between your art and your output. In that module, add the dedicated color to the Colour Overrides and set mode to Colour not visible.
    That last technique is one I use for handles on small objects, like eye irises and such. I put the module between the comp and the Write module, so I always have my handles visible to work with but not outputting.

Hope this helps.

Sorry to keep dragging this out but, how do you not use outlines? I’m familiar with the stroke tool and using the K hot key.

Now I’m afraid I’m lost. Can you try to explain in a bit more detail or workflow perhaps. Sorry for the inconsistent timings of the replies, I’m located in Europe

In any case, all objects have outlines, being vectors. No difference if you make them have a line width or not.

I think I understand the situation now. I’ve created two 0 width pencil settings (detail and smooth versions) that I can access for use with different drawing tools (pencil, circle, poly line, etc.). I think this will be more versatile than just using the stroke tool. Thank you for the input.