Outline Disappearing While Morphing

I’ve just started using the morphing tool and I’m wondering why my outline disappears while morphing between some shapes and not others.

Hi Justin

1) Are you using filled shapes in a single layer? By that I mean a shape drawn with a line then filled with color?
2) Have you tried experimenting with the “hints” functionality?
3) Have you looked at the “Smoke from a Genie’s lamp” tutorial available on the toon boom site?


This is just a side effect of morphing sometimes. I nearly always morph the outline and colour afterwards cause of this if I have signifcant morphing to do.

Is this a bug to be sorted by the next update or some to be sorted in the next upgrade , bit off putting …

I don’t think it is a bug, it is due to the outside line not being of the same structure as the internal fill.

It also depends where what morph you are doing to how capable the fill is of doing the same thing.

Yeah, I’m learning you have to have VERY similar drawings to use the morphing tool. Thanx. :slight_smile:

yes and no.

It depends what you are using it for.

Using morphing tips can allow for some big differences. If you watch my tutorial on the lightsaber I use morphing to create and nice light trail light in star wars. In that i use to save drawing tons of frames.

Also if you search youtube for adam phillips animate tutorials he has a simple morphing tutorial for making smoke.