Outline Color Not Changing in Harmony 21

I’m really surprised this hasn’t been addressed anywhere, as it seems to be quite easy to re produce and being in outline mode is one of the first things i’m being taught in my tutorials i’m trying to follow. Basically:
Draw anything. Change the outline color… It doesn’t work. The outline stays black.
I’ve tried on 2 different PC’s. I troubleshooted through the Discord for hours and the end result I was told: “Harmony 21 has a software bug”
How do people get around this? I use outline mode so often to acheive perfect line art, but how can I do that if every element, object, drawing, every line of the background, foreground, every character, are all outlined in black only? Genuine question, not a complaint :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see, i’ve written A, C and E but you couldn’t really tell that, because the outlines are just not changing to Red, Blue and Green as I’ve chosen for them.

Yes Outline Mode is broken in Harmony 21.0.1 and should be reported to support. Also tested in Harmony 20.0.5 and it works as it should.

It hasn’t been address probably because I don’t know anyone who uses it including myself. So it flew under the radar as they say.

Your mind should be able to differentiate the lines(art work) in a scene. Layers would also help.

As for your example, why would you do this? And for whatever reason they are on layers so you can turn them off or on.

It’s a function within the program that is supposed to work, so it doesn’t matter “Why” someone would need it. If it’s so unimportant, then it should just be removed from the program with your logic.
I came from Adobe Animate, where I used this a lot in Cut out animation to line things up correctly. I started learning Toon Boom and was pleasantly surprised to see a function I recognized in all the mess of trying to learn such a complicated program. For me it was a slight sigh of relief, and its the first thing I noticed that doesn’t work.

Having learned a bit more since posting this, I don’t require the use of it, but again, if it’s not something that people use, it should be removed, instead of there, and not working… buuut maybe if it’s not working, they already did remove it lol.

P.S. My example was just to show that it isn’t working, not a example of something practical :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did I ask?

Did you even report the Outline Mode colour bug to support?

Hi @steenbeck,

I’m using that feature quite super often. :slight_smile:
But I’m still stuck on H20.

Do you know if this bug has been fixed in the latest update of H21?

You spent your whole post debunking why it wasn’t needed. You said no one uses it in your experience, and neither do you, You said you should be able to do this and that without it. Not sure what you’re trying to argue here, but if you don’t want / need the feature, then you’re welcome to not care, but no one is asking for you to tell us how pointless a feature is because you don’t need it.
I reported it in the bug section in the discord, which i’m sure was forwarded, but again, why do you care?

If it’s working in Harmony 20 and you use it a lot, you might wanna stick with that version for a bit. Unless there were some specific H21 things you wanted. Then it might be worth getting used to not having it. :smiley:

Hey @stefman,
TBH21.0.1 (Nov.21) is still the latest update, at this time. Have to wait till the next update.

Didn’t say it wasn’t needed or it was pointless. Yes, I did say I don’t or know of others that use it but that was in reference to you saying “I’m really surprised this hasn’t been addressed anywhere”, congrats you found a bug!

Hi Ziack,

Here is my understanding of steenbeck’s intentions in the post you are referring to.:

Confirmation of the presence of a bug and giving you a hint that you could report it to support to get it fixed.

He is making an assumption about the reason why this bug could wasn’t identified and fixed before the release.

He is trying to help you by trying to provide you a workaround and by trying to figure out why the lack of the feature in H21 would hinder you from achieving your goals in your given example.