Outline around text

Hi im wondering if there is any way to get a black outline around my text, im using animate and i cant seem to find anything. ive tried just drawing a black line around it but it takes too long and doesnt really look good. any help would be great.
Thanks, Harley

Select your Text / Drawing / Convert / Break Apart Text Layers / Do this twice /
This will convert your Text Layer into a Drawing Layer…
Switch to the Drawing View / Select a Line-Colour /
Select your Text / Right-click in the Viewport / Convert / Strokes to Pencil Lines /
In the Tool Properties click on the Select Tool Manipulators…
This should bring up the Pencil Selection (bottom of the window)
Adjust the Pencil Line thickness…


Nolan beat me to it, but here is a quick (less than 2 minutes) video tut…



Thanks alot people this helped me so much, dont know if its just me but text looks much sweeter with an outline.

Thanks, Harley

Thanks for sharing scungyho.


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