Other Uses for Harmony

Hi, I’ve downloaded Toon Boom Harmony Essentials so I could practice animation. But I also like to draw cartoons & comics, so I was wondering if I could use Toon Boom Harmony in different ways like drawing comics or for drawing & painting.

If you are going to use the trial to do general art you should download Premium so you can utilize the expanded brush options.

Hi Toxic-Ramen,

You can surely use Harmony to work on art projects other than animation ones, if it suits your needs.
Just keep in mind that Harmony is an animation software, and therefore doesn’t offer tools that are specific to comics creation. Give it a try to see if you like the results you get and if you find a comfortable workflow.

I recommend giving a try to Harmony Advanced and Premium, as they both have the full drawing tools, whereas Essentials doesn’t have the full array.