OSX 10.7 (lion)

I guess I will be the first to ask, how well does Animate Pro and Storyboard Pro work in Lion? Is there a plan to update? Also is there a plan to port both apps to the Mac App Store?

I’m also waiting for assurance that my copy of Toon Boom (Animate 2, Build 7.9.0) will run in Lion.

Glad to hear you are investigating it. Where should we watch for up-to-date information about this?

@davidhellman - If you are really chomping at the bit to do this you can disk image your 10.6 install using Carbon Copy Cloner then upgrade to Lion. That way if anything doesn’t work for you you can purge your drive and copy back the old system using your startup disk and the DMG you make with Carbon Copy.

@Lilly - I guess its ease of updating ect ect. However I do like the online license system you currently have as it lets me float the program between my machines. Mac App Store would require the ability to install on 5 machines or less and they would take a 30% cut of your profit, but if may help with adoption with pro-sumers.

After upgrading to Lion last week, we’ve been having Storyboard Pro crash on us whenever the workspace resized to fit the display.


I just bought an iMac with Lion on it, and after re-installing my copy of TBS 3.5, it will not open. The install screen had funky colors, but it installed successfully. Every time I open the program it says “Unexpectedly Quit”, is this version no longer supported?

Hey Lilly, just bumping this and wondering how the Lion testing goes.


I have Toon Boom 5.0 running on Snow leopard , when will it run on Lion ? If ever.Or did I miss out on some news ?



I am using Animate Pro 2 and would like to upgrade my Mac to OSX Lion.
Animate is the only software I have that is still in a ‘question mark’ area (also here: http://roaringapps.com/app:1286), all the rest of my apps are either compatible or dispensable.

Any updates on the testing of Animate’s possible incompatibilities?


I haven’t had any issues running Animate Pro 2 on OS X 10.7 that I didn’t have on 10.6.

thank you, mdhender

Good to know :slight_smile:

I read somewhere in this forum about the Color Picker doing strange things, so I just was wondering if there is an official “OK” from Toon Boom about Animate’s compatibility with Lion.


I’ve used Animate on a project for a whole year, 6 months in Snow Leopard and 6 months in Lion… no difference; great software, totally stable!

toon boom storyboard sp1
crashes just after the install where you enter your serial number on my brand new imac 21" running 10.7.4 so no go for storyboard if there’s anyone out there about to buy or update their o/s for mac.

so i’ll have to use my old mac mini g4 for the moment
and we have mountain lion in a few weeks

any ETA on if or when toonboom will get a serivce pack to get this working ?


I am currently running Mac OSX 10.7 Lion and receiving error messages whenever I try to register the license key for my copy of Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 2.

I’ve checked the Toon Boom Knowledge Base and found an article for a ‘work-around’ but it is either so confusing or so general that I can’t make it work using Mac’s Terminal app.

Does this mean that Toon Boom has NOT accounted for the Mac OSX Lion upgrade? Does this mean I have to downgrade my MacBook Pro back to Snow Leopard?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


You’re actually not the first to ask - but you are the first to ask here. :slight_smile:

We have done some preliminary tests on Lion and so far things check out, but it would be better if you can wait a few weeks for us to do some more in-detail testing of the software to make sure that no update is required. We couldn’t conduct real tests of the OS until it was officially released, because things can change quite drastically right up until the release date.

I know that we sell some of our consumer applications in the App store, but at the moment I don’t see that we have any plan to put Animate Pro or Storyboard Pro there. I’m just curious - is there a reason why you think that would be a better idea than selling off our website?


I think it should take us a couple of weeks to do the advanced tests. Preliminary tests have already passed but we’d like to go more in-depth.


We can only support the current versions of the software that we sell. TBS 3.5 hasn’t been sold for many years, so we can’t support that software. We will support the current version, TBS 6.

About the Storyboard Pro crash, could you please write in to support@toonboom.com providing any information that you had surrounding the crash so that we can test that specifically. Information that would be useful:
- What were you doing? Resizing the workspace.
- What OS are you on? Mac Lion.
- What exact build of Storyboard were you using? Read the About screen. Should be a number like 9.0.0.xxxx


We’re still running tests. We discovered some issues with the trial versions that are being sorted out. We haven’t discovered any problems with Animate and Animate Pro themselves, but I think it would be better to still wait a couple of weeks. Pretty much everyone in the office is on Lion now, so we’ll discover any problems quickly.

If you do upgrade and experience issues, then you could write into support@toonboom.com to report them, and we will have to fix them in short order anyway. But we do not yet officially support them.



This is the forum for the Animate family, which is in the Pro product line. I know that we’re still working on the compatibility for the Pro products, but you can go ahead and re-post this question in the Studio forums to find out what the status is for that product. Thanks!


If you’ve just upgraded your OS to Lion, you may not have a printer yet installed, which affects Storyboard. Check out the knowledgebase item here:



Go ahead and write in to support@toonboom.com so that they can help you with your licensing issue.