OS X Sierra Onion Skin not visible.

I just got an new 15" MacBook Pro connected a Cintiq 13HD with SBP 5.5. Turning on Onions Skin doesn’t work on either the native Monitor or the Cintiq. All settings match my PC with the 27" Cintiq which does work.

Anyone having this issue?


In menu-View-Onion Skin, do you have more than zero
next and previous drawings selected?

Are the drawings in adjacent panels (they need to be),
empty panels count as valid next/previous drawings.

Onion skinning is relatively “costly” for the graphic card
to apply. Try closing unnecessary programs and web pages.
Exit the software and reload the project.

Also try it on a smaller project if you are using a lot of bitmaps
and textures in the current one.