OS X 1.5 Interface crash on import image

I have had two total GIU ‘freeze’ crashes using OS X 1.55 on Macbook Pro 17’’ 2.17ghz dual core/2 gig (prev gen) in the past 12 hours. That is about the same as the past 12 months otherwise. Both occurred after importing and vectorising a PNG image.

Also note that in the logs that while Amimate is running the kernel reports about 6 ‘unknown sigsegv’ events per minute. These are not attributed to Animate, but occur only while Animate is running. I haven’t pulled the debugger out yet, but will if necessary.

Just had another GUI freeze event well after importing and trimming an image. This time froze when dialog box for extending the frame exposure, so the freeze could just relate to the appearance of dialog boxes. This is perhaps related to the font issue I have in dialogs? (see prev message).

Is your Mac Intel or G4, G5? -romi

Sorry, I thought dual core was sufficient to identify, probably should have been core duo or something. It is an Intel 2.17ghz dual core processor.


Intel meets the system requirements…

Is it possible to list the exact steps done leading up to the crash? Does it happen every time or is it intermittent? Did you try other image format than png? What is your graphic card?