Try as i might, i just cant seem to get Ortholock to funcition…

It works if the drawing is at the center of the stage… But whenever i move it somewhere else the rotation flips out… And i cant seem to be able to change the pivot to the ortholock itself…

What am i doing wrong?

Hi Lilly!

What i am trying to do is have a drawing that i can move around in a 3D space but it is always facing the camera so i can draw on its layer from any angle. Like 3D sprites if you will.

I have previously always hooked the drawing on the camera-peg but have found that it doesnt work well whenever i want to pan or truck in the scene… If i had a flat 3D object always facing me i could simply just move the camera-peg layer without having to re-adjust the drawing layer all the time.

I tried putting the Ortholock inside a peg but it didn’t help… Am i missing something?

The way that the Ortholock works is that it uses the centre coordinates of the drawing layer or peg layer to pivot around. So you can’t set the pivot point of the drawing layer itself.

What exactly are you trying to do? Do you always want your drawing to follow the camera exactly? Or do you just want it always to face the camera?

In case 1, you can just connect the drawing to the same peg as your camera.

If you want the drawing to always face the camera (but in this case it WILL move around in your camera view), then you would use the Ortholock node. Depending on where you insert this node in your network, it will take the 0,0 coordinate of that object to rotate around.

Moving the drawing to another place on the stage - if you use the TRANSFORM tool - should be just fine. However if you move the drawing around using the SELECT tool, then you will be moving the drawing away from its 0,0 rotation point and might get wierd effects.


If you want to use the Ortholock node, then you should attach it between the peg for your drawing layer and the drawing layer itself. Then the drawing layer will rotate around its 0,0 coordinate. You can view it from the top view to verify that the angle of the drawing layer is always perpendicular to the camera when you rotate the camera.

I’ve attached a screenshot to help out:


Let me know if that clarifies things at all.