Ortho Lock not correct

I may be missing something but shouldn’t the Ortho Lock node effect rotation only?
I have an element on the left side of frame and as I rotate the camera around the scene, the element is not only rotating but sliding along the floor as if it were locked to the camera. It should be nailed down in x,y and z and only rotate to stay perpendicular to the camera.

Using Animate Pro on Windows 7 64 bit.
Animate Pro version 7.9.1(5686) 2010-04-13-22:00:26

that sounds like it could be the problem. I’ll try some tests later today and let you know what I find.

Could you let me know exactly what software you’re using so that I can help you out? What version also (which you can find out from Help > About) and Operating system? This will allow me to run some tests.


Okay I ran some tests here. When I ran the tests, the object connected to the Ortholock did indeed only have its rotation locked to the camera, and its position in x, y, z was unaffected. I verified this by having the Camera view and the Top view open at the same time and watching what was happening. I rotated my camera, and the object’s position in x, y, z did not change, however the object rotated in place to stay perpendicular to the camera. When you look at this from the camera view, the object does rotate from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen, but its feet are not sliding on the ground.

Now just so that you know, when you place the ortholock module, if you’re placing it under a peg, it will take that peg’s origin to be the place to rotate around. This is the only thing that I could think of that could cause you an issue - if your character is not in the centre of your master peg. Did you create your character in the centre of the drawing view, or is everything skewed to one side?

If you’re still having an issue, then can you link a screenshot of your network and the top view and camera view and a before/after so that I can see the sliding action? If I can’t help you from that then we might need you to send your project file in to support@toonboom.com