Organizing the "project"

I have just completed the preliminary drawings for what might be called the 1st sequence. It’s about 70 frames with 10 or layers in the timeline. I’m figuring it out as I go, using tbs 5 with a superpowered computer.

Question: should I think in terms of sequences? Part 1= 4 or 5 sequences? And then move on to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th parts with their inherent sequences.

Or should I just plow through creating a massive timeline of images, audio and related? It seems that it will get confusing as hell very quickly.

This is strictly an overview question.

The complexity of the scene, the frame settings, if all is vector, or if bitmap images are present, and the scene duration, determinates the hardware powerfull required.
If you can work with short scenes is best.
You can collapse elements into master pegs, you can mantain the timeline clear and simply, and helps to work without confusion, opening only the layers involved in the actual work and mantain collapsed the rest.
The massive scene is the final composition edited with templates, if you wants make all work into TBS, if not you can render each scene, then move your movies to an editing software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro) and add transitions and non cutted sounds tracks. Regards.

Thanks, I have experience with stop motion but 2-D animation is a bit different. There are many more cells than I might use in stop motion. I had a sever lag when zooming in and out on each scale which is now not a problem. I’m using the Scene Manager which seems to keep the various scenes where I need them and keeps them open or closed as needed.

It’s still an organizational nightmare. But there is light ahead. Yay!