Ordering Elements

Hi there,

I have a big problem with ordering my elements. I have:

-The background (the night sky);
-A cliff;
-A werewolf,

and I need the werewolf to be on top of the cliff, but whenever I try to drag and drop him on top of the cliff, his feet go underneath the image. I have tried reordering the elements but the problem still persists. Does anyone know how I could bring the werewolf to the front so that his feet don’t drop below the cliff? I would appreciate the help very much.


Recommended reading LAYERING ELEMENTS

The time line order for your elements should be

with wolf on top of the list.

But read the recommended page I suggested from the WIKI because there are other things that effect element order such as element positioning type, peg hierarchy, and z-plane location. If all else fails Z-plane overrides everything but for your example that doesn’t seem needed. Also don’t get confused by the display if you have a particular element selected in the timeline it will appear to be on top. Always select the camera element or below it to get an actual view of the display order. -JK

Thanks for the help, JK. I’ll let you know how it goes… so busy atm =P