Order treated as "keyframe"?

Hi y’all, I am working away making puppets, setting the pivots and ordering the elements, once that is done I want to save my creation in the library. Now, the workout series tutorial I downloaded says “before saving to library remove all keyframes” but when I do that - ZAP - the order is wiped out. I followed the instructions exactly and still this happens. Since then I have skipped the “remove all keyframes” step and instead just reset the elements position once I’d set the pivots. The puppets made this way seem to work ok but I wonder if I’m in for trouble later.

Also, what is the best way, once a duplicate of an element is made, to “mirror” the original?


The functionality of the remove all keyframe did change over time as it now also reset the static position of the pegs. Therefore you should simply delete the keyframe rather then using the function to clear your character. If you notice the same behavior as you delete the keyframe this mean that you have set your Z position with an animation tool rather then the select tool which may result in some overlapping problem in the long run.

As for mirroring an element you could do a normal duplicate of your element and use a scale of -1 in one of the axis to flip it in the static position of the element.

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