Option: Make Drawing Pivot follow modifications applied on graphic object


I think that it would be very useful if there was an option which, when activated, would make the “Drawing Pivot” follow the operations (like dragging, flipping resizing, rotating as well as copying and pasting) applied on an graphic object.

… And it would be great if this work in “Apply To All Frames” mode of the Selecte Tool Options.
This would make it possible to resize a whole rig at once.

If you add a peg on top of it all you can resize it.

But it feels that you mean something else.


I would like to keep the transformation attributes of all the pegs at their initial values and only resize or transform the drawings’ contents, drawing pivot positions included. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I dont really understand what you want to do .

You want to resize all the drawings but not the transformation attributes. What is the attributes? pegs? nodes?

I mean the animatable transformation attributes of the peg, which are Position, Rotation, Scale and Skew. :wink:

Ok. I understand.