Optimizing Harmony (hardware specification related)

I understand that Toon Boom Harmony needs GPU nVidia GTX 780, CPU i7 3.4 GHz, RAM 16 GB, and maybe an SSD to run very fast (I am working on a project that requires optimal performance). But getting to the specifics, does Toon Boom Harmony prefer CPUs with more cores but slower clocking speed (for instance, the Intel Xeons with 10 cores runnning at 3 GHz/sec), or less cores but faster clocking speed (for instance, the Intel i7 6700k with 4 cores running at 4 GHz/sec)?

My PC runs on i5 2500k 3.1GHz with GTX550 ti and 8GB RAM and Harmony runs A-OK with the png/psd images and deforming tvgs with effects to boot. I am not sure about having optimum requirements for Harmony, if there actually is. I think if you set the priority setting for the software to "high"or “real time”,with less active applications to compete with it, things would run smoother. It’s not just about speeds, I guess…unless we talk about gaming PCs.