Optimizing Animate?

Hello I am using Animate and Im trying to apply a transparency efx. I went in the layers time line menu and created the effect from there. It created a transparency layer and I dragged it underneath my Drawing Layer but nothing happened. Then I tried dragging the drawing layer underneath the transparency layer instead but nothing happened. Then I went to layer properties and adjusted the Transparency radius and nothing happened.

Just what exactly am I not doing correctly here anyone?

You need to drag the Drawing Layer as a child of the Transparency layer. However, in order to actually see the effect in action, you need to change from the Open GL view to the Render View. In your camera view, click the little blue flower icon on the bottom, and that will switch to a software render that will show your effects.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

ah that did the trick! The little blue flower wasnt clicked! Once again you saved the day Lili. They need to give u a raise, seriously.

So I have one more question if you dont mind. I notice that my animations are started to get laggy. It’s a computer issue not Animate but I wondering Is there anyway to speed up/optimize my scenes?
I use pencil lines to ink, paint bucket to color if that helps any.

Using a lot of pencil lines can make the scenes heavy. The reason is that each pencil line is a mathematical function - so having many pencil lines requires more computing power than a brush line - which is simply a record of each pixel’s location on the screen.

So basically, the best thing to do would be to at some point, when you are confident that your drawings look the way you want, convert from pencil lines to brush strokes.

Another thing you can do is flatten your drawings. This would make brush strokes less heavy, but wouldn’t help much if you’re using pencil lines.

Check out the Drawing > Optimize menu. They also have a Smooth option under here - this one may be of use to you if you use the pencil tool or the brush tool. If you are drawing with the pencil tool and you have the smoothness turned all the way off, it may create more control points for the line than you need, and the more control points, the more processing power. Also useful for brush strokes as well, especially if you have Contour Optimization all the way to 0 when you’re drawing (tool properties). I would always recommend turning the Contour Optimization all the way up when using the brush tool.

Other than that, there’s Remove Extra Strokes - which probably won’t do much for you. This is more useful if you’re scanning in drawings, it will remove little extra strokes that are hanging around the drawing.

Last thing is if you’re noticing slowness, then try working with Real-Time Antialiasing turned off. Open up your Preferences window (Edit > Preferences). Go to the OpenGL tab and uncheck “Enable” Under Real-Time Antialiasing. Your lines will appear to be less smooth in the OpenGL view, but they will render with antialiasing, and you can always check out what the render will look like by clicking on the blue flower.

Hope that helps!

Toon Boom Support

Now I see! Thank you very much Lilly :slight_smile: