"Optical Registration Failed"

I am having issues when trying to import and vectorize drawings into Harmony standalone. Is there a setting in the vectorization dialogue box that I am missing? I am changing the resolution to 240dpi, but I get the same error message, “Optical Registration Failed,” even with the default setting of 1 or 200dpi.

Thank you for any help!

For the optical registration to work you have to have the standard 3 peg holes (acme or oxberry) in your scanned image and ideally a piece of paper close to a standard 12 or 16 field. Of course, like Lilly said, your dpi in the vectorization options have to match what you actually scanned the image with.

Make sure you don’t have dirt or text around your peg holes as this makes the registration confused as to what dark areas are the 3 pegs.

You need to make sure that the value that you put for DPI is the same setting that you’re using when you scan the images. What DPI is your scanner set to?