Opening two files simultaneously on Mac!?


I’m fairly new to Harmony, and have only been using it on a mac to date. As such, I thought it was impossible to have more than one file open at once, which made it difficult to copy things from one scene to another.

BUT, I am now working with another company who uses PCs, and they were confused by my problem. It seems PCs can have as many files open at once as they want, as long as the computer can handle it…!?

I feel like this is a major issue that should addressed somewhere. It is a SERIOUS problem for a professional production line. It’s gonna cause me alot of grief if I can only have one file open at once, while the project I’m working on is designed in a way that assumes you can copy and paste from a character file. This would literally sway my decision on whether I need a PC or Mac to work on ToonBoom Harmony!

Is there some way I can fix this? Is there another way to get it to work on a Mac!? Does ToonBoom even give a crap about this problem?

Please help, thanks.

Thanks for the reply. But it was literally about opening two files at once. I’ve had a lot of confusion trying to get this solved, cause it sounds like a stupid question. I get it should be obvious, just open another file. But I now have an answer, from toonboom, So I’m going to post it here if anyone else finds this.

The issue is, I’m using ToonBoom 10.3, which has some weird issue finding the correct path on OSX?
So, if you’re using a mac, with Harmony 10.3.1, or around there. You have to open terminal and type the path to Stage directly in that to open a another instance of Stage (Harmony)
Basically… Open Terminal, in the Applications/utilities folder.
And enter this path.
/Applications/Toon\ Boom\ Harmony\ 10.3/

Then press enter.

It must not be an issue with 10.3, it is the same with Harmony 12 and Animate Pro 3.


I can’t find my for the Harmony Premium. (Harmony 12)
Is the possibility to open 2 files gone?


Hi Jared,

I think what you are talking about doing is copying elements of a character rig (poses, for example) into another shot…sound about right?

I too thought this an issue when I first opened up Harmony. The problem is the workflow differs from Flash and many other software programs. The key to working efficiently with Harmony is to use the library.

You need to set up a new project library folder in the library pane (make a library folder in your project folder outside of the software, as if you were navigating to a file on your computer. Then back in Harmony, right click, open library…) Then save your modules from your network/node view into that library by copying them into the new, opened library within the software. You have a chance to rename them here too. So if it’s your character turnaround with poses set up, make sure everything is exposed on the timeline the go find the master module or modules, copy paste into the library and you’re away!

So maybe you work with a master character rig that holds all your poses along the timeline. Just keep importing this at the start of a shot and bringing your pose in to complete the hook up. Alternatively for timeline copying, you have the option to copy and paste just the keyframes, just the drawings or both. See the help file on timeline editing for more on this as there’s a fair bit of information there!

Hope that’s useful!

You just have to go to the Finder on the Mac , go to Applications >>> Toon Boom Harmony >>> Stage , that way you will have all the windows you need to work smoothly