Opening Toon Boom Studio Documents in Animate??

I’ve gone from using toon boom studio to using Animate. However, there is a few projects in Toon Boom Studio id like to complete in animate if possible. Is this possible? Also, what are the major differences between toon boom studio and Animate?

can’t import studio files :’(

yeah its sad man, hopefully they realize how beneficial it can be for us.

DON’T do that !!!
I tried it and all the contain of my directory “Files” was completly erased by Animate 2 !!! I had to restored the losted datas with Time Machine (Mac Os back up)

Don’t do what, Jonolemon? What did you do that caused a directory to be erased? If we had more information here we could help others to prevent from doing the same thing.

It is not possible to open Studio files in Animate. The best workflow right now is to export your files as a swf, then import those swf files back into Animate.

Toon Boom Support

Oups ! sorry I forgot to "quote"
I mean, "Dont do that … that is to say “don’t try to open studio Files with animate 2” I tried to do it it and my directory “Documents” was erased ! fortunately I have a back up solution or should I say fortunately I realized immediately the loss of my data. Anyway, It’s my fault I played with fire ;D
I hope it will be helpful for anybody …