Opening Toon Boom PLE file in Toon Boom PLE

I’m not sure this has ever been discussed here, but is it possible to open a Toon Boom PLE file in another Toon Boom PLE program?
My friend and I both have the PLE version of Toon Boom and I wanted to look at his file. I can open it, but nothing appears in either the camera or drawing view and I see nothing on the timeline.
Just wondering.
Thanks in advance for any info…

You can open a project using Animate Pro PLE if the project were also originally created using Animate Pro PLE.

You need the following conditions to be met also…

  1. Your computer user account needs to have the access rights to the project folder and sub-folders/files (read and write access).
  2. You need the entire project folder containing all the project assets.
  3. Your version of the PLE needs to be the same or newer than the one that originally created the project

I would expect to be able to do it but then again I have no idea what software engineers do to make a PLE version.

Did you bring along the project file’s folder or just the .ple file? The drawings are located in the Elements folder.

When nothing appeared in the Camera or Drawing windows had you clicked on a drawing frame in the Timeline window?

Hi! Yes, I do have the project folder with all the assets.
I actually have the full Animate version, but I just downloaded the PLE so I could see his animation as I read where you can’t open PLE files through the full version of Animate.
So bizarre because he says he has frames with a drawing layer and hos file on my PLE version doesn’t even show a drawing layer. It’s as if nothing was ever done. There aren’t even frames to select on the timeline. Just a white area that extends to frame 60.
I noticed I can’t even put a brush to the camera view. Just one of those gratuitous “No” symbols with the circle and slash through it. Hmmm…

I can see how this could be intentional or just a consequence of other limitations implemented in the PLE.

This is interesting.