Opening Studio 7 Tutorials

I ordered a training video and a bone animation turorials. I received them in zip files and could not view them kept getting a message that said, “This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js.” so I tried to open the AC_RunActiveContent.js file and microsoft told me that It could not open it because it does not know what program created it. I emailed toonboom and was told I need a RAR or 7 zip to “decompress” my file. So I down loaded 7 zip and can not figure out how to “decompress” them. It says I can extract them, so tried that and got all the same messages as above when I tried to open them. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi, There,
What you downloaded from our website is a .zip package file.
You need use 7zip to decompress (Extract) it completely to a folder.
Then try to open StartHere.html file to open the tutorial.
If you still have the error, please try to use other web browser to open it.
For example: firefox, google chrmoe.