Opening scenes createted in Harmony Premium in Harmony Essentials

Hello everyone,
I am wondering is it possible to continue working on scenes created in Harmony Premium 17 in Harmony Essentials 17. These scenes don’t have any effects or special features that are possible in Premium version, just cut-out animation combined with frame-by-frame.

Thanks for Your support!

I guess you will not be able to open a file in Ess that you created in Premium.

But you can test it by saving the scene as a template and see if you can import in in Ess.
If you havent used any special nodes, artlayers and special deformers it might work.

Maybe the brushes used might not work.

But give it a try.

According to the selling point this is supposed to be possible. The Premium or Advanced features, if any, will be grayed out and blocked until the file is back in Premium or Advanced.