Opening projects with Harmony 11

Hi Guys

I’ve just installed Harmony 11 and it looks great. However…

I cannot seem to open my old project files in Harmony 11. I uninstalled 10.3 and when doing that I can no longer navigate to stage.exe within the Harmony 11 program files when selecting “Open with” or when trying to change what the program files open with.

However when I reinstall Harmony 10.3 everything comes back, but whenever I double click on my .xstage project files, they open with 10.3 not 11…

Basically I’d like to know how to go about double clicking on my .xstage project files and have them open with Harmony 11 instead of currently harmony 10.3.

Any help is appreciated!

this is something i find somewhat odd about harmony. your xstage files have to point to a program called “lanceur d’ application” a.k.a “wstart.exe” in the bin folder of hamony 11. this opens up a command session and launches stage. i would assume this has something to do with the copy protection?

Uninstall all Harmony versions.
Then Reboot the computer.
Re-install Harmony 11