Opening PLE files

Is it posible to open the PLE files with Animate (not the trial version)?


No, with Animate isn´t possible open PLE files.



You can probe the rescue of the editable art found on Animate PLE, exporting the scene as swf and then importing in Animate as swf to library. This file is converted to .tpl (template) and you can load it in the project. In pegs, motion keyframes are replaced by keyframed frames, drawing elements are its own layer, colors are imported as: element palettes swf import recovery. Pivots are lost, symbols converted in drawing elements in main timeline and the layer names may be renamed as the original. More may be investigated. Hope that you can solve the lost of work, at least in the drawing part.
Should be noted that Toon Boom alerts the user about the failure to exchange files between the PLE version and the full version. Good Luck.


We cannot allow material that was made in the PLE to be opened in the retail version.

Toon Boom Support

Thanks guys for your help. Yeah my first steps were made with the PLE version and I may want to keep those animations. I will try the swf formula.


If you do an export to swf from the PLE, there will be a watermark on the file. You are not permitted to open PLE files in the full version. The reason that we have to do this is to protect from people doing professional work with the trial version of the software. I’m sure you understand.

Toon Boom Support

Huhuhu, And am I able to export a template from PLE and then import it to Animate PRO when I have the license?
That should keep some of the rigging/effects and etc if its possible. If I needed to rig some assets before the Project Manager buys the licence, then the PLE templates/projects where a waste of time? ???

Yes they are a waste of time.

You will just need to wait for your project manager.

The PLE formats are designed to not be compatible with the paid versions (otherwise studios would buy one licence and give everyone else a ple).

Oooh, that’s sounds reasonable. Thanks a lot.

Yeah it is a very common complaint but when you think about why they do it, you start to understand more.

It is a shame a middle ground can’t be found.

I did the same thing the first time I tried Studio, made a cool little project and was so pleased I bought the software and went crazy when I couldn’t import my “trial file” but hey, put it down to a learning experience