Opening files created in the trial version

I first started working with the trial version of Animate (kinda made sense). Once I’d concluded that it was the right software for what I wanted to do I bought and downloaded the proper version of Animate 2 (version 7.9.0).

Problem I now have is all the work I built up using the trial version I can’t seem to open in the paid version : /

I had created 2 full characters and set them up as templates as per the video tutorials. Really hope I don’t have to build them all over again…!

Thanks for any help!


Projects created with the PLE-version (Personal Learning Editing)
can’t be open with the full version of Animate 2… Files are not compatible…
One has to start all over again…

Even exporting from the PLE version as SWF and importing those into the full version,
those files should have a watermark on it…



Maybe that should be said somewhere, or maybe it is and I didn’t notice. Hate for other people to end up on the same deadend road.

Sigh… I guess I best get working again…

Thanks Nolan.

It’s definitely specified on the page where you can download the Trial version…

Maybe I should ask them to make the text bold or red or something so that people can see it better.