Opening file from previous Toon Boom version

I own a version of Toon Boom Studio 5 and my school owns Toon Boom Studio 4.5.

I would like to work on my projects at home however the 4.5 version at school cannot open my files from version 5 at home when I bring the saved files to class with me they won’t open. I have no problem opening files I saved from school on version 4.5 and opening them at home with version 5.

Is there a way to save the file from version 5 so I can open the files in version 4.5 when I am at school?

Thank you, Diana

Well, Studio is only forward-compatible…
As far as I know, there is no possibility to open Studio 5.0 files in Studio 4.5…?


Nolan is correct - Studio files are only forward-compatible. I’m afraid that if you save your files in Studio 5 you will no longer be able to open them in 4.5. I understand that you have no power over this, however the best situation would really be for your school to upgrade to Studio 5. Perhaps if enough people ask, they would be willing to upgrade?

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