Opening Animate 2 files in Harmony 14


I’m wondering, is it possible to open files from toon boom animate 2 into Harmony 14? I’ve read elsewhere that it might involve something such as sending an animate project to Toon Boom Support so they could convert it into Harmony. Though, I’m not sure whether it’s true or not and I don’t know how to do that. I would like to continue working on my “Animate” projects on Harmony if possible. Would very much appreciate an answer.

Animate projects can’t be opened in Harmony.
If the two programs are registered to the same account,
you should have the option to send projects for conversion
from your account’s project conversion section.

For this you need to package scenes/templates into zip files
not exceeding 2GB each.

Beyond that, you still have access to Animate to complete any ongoing projects.
We don’t deactivate your Animate license when you upgrade to Harmony.