Opening a character on work computer built on home computer, layers show up blank


I own ToonBoom harmony Premium and so does the studio I work for. We are using characters built in Ai, and importing the layers into a scene in ToonBoom to be rigged for animation.

I built a character’s head turn using the same Ai file that is on the work server, but I built it from home. When the scene is opened in ToonBoom at work, the layers show up blank.
I have tried importing the Ai files into the library, and right clicking > refresh, but nothing seems to be doing anything. Is there something else I can do? There has to be a way for people to open scenes built on different machines.

Hey Chelsea,

You built your AI file from home, correct? There are some parameters that can compromise the import into Harmony. For instance, your file must be set to RGB. CMYK is unsupported.

Were you also exporting from the same version of Illustrator? Harmony will support imports of files made with legacy versions of Adobe Illustrator.

Check out the link below for info on vector imports:

Hope this helps!