Opening a Animate 2 file in Animate PRO 2?

Is it possible to open an animate .anim in animate pro 2?

i cant seem to get it to work could you see any reason for this?

when i try open the anim. file i’ve made in bog standard animate 2 in animate pro 2 nothing happens it doesnt reconise the file and what programe it should be opened in. Any ideas? Can i open tpl.'s from animate in animate PRO?

Nope they are both retail versions. I’m guessing PLE is the file format you get from the trail? I have Animate 2on my mac laptop but they have animate 2 pro on the windows ran PC’s at uni. Im guessing its nothing to do with the OS? A few of us have tried opening our animate files in animate pro but they just don’t want to play ball :frowning:

Yes this is possible.


Is it possible that the file is in fact from the PLE? You can’t open PLE files in the retail version.


Hmm I’m not sure what the issue is here - go ahead and write in to and attach a sample file so they can give it a go.