OpenGL preview loop is skewed and B&W


When I try to preview my animation loop in OpenGL mode, the first loop (when it’s rendering the frames) is fine, but as soon as it has done one loop (and starts reading the frames from memory), the preview is weirdly skewed and is also black and white… I have attached a screenshot of the same image before and after rendering OpenGL loop.

This hasn’t happened before, just started happening today. I haven’t installed anything lately, and haven’t changed any settings. The problem goes away if I disable playback caching in the settings (but I’d rather have it on of course).

The bug happens in every new file I create. I have tried a clean install and updating Toon Boom and my graphics card’s drivers, but nothing seems to help.

I have i7-8700K, R9 290, 16 GB of RAM and Windows 10.

Thank you!

What about the final render or Render view?
If the Render view is fine but only the OpenGL view is the issue (even after playback), it could be due to the video card.
Check and up-to-date your video card driver to the latest. Also, make sure to force to use high-performance video card if you have a dual card (Intel and AMD). Also set the video card for high performance.
If it is persistent, please contact

Hello! Im currently working remotely on an cut-out animation project, using toon boom harmony 20. I am having the same issue as Issiah, and I tried everything to fix it, including reinstalling my graphic card and cintiq 22 drivers and reinstalling the software. I tried to disable the playback cache but it makes it impossible to check the timing of my scene while I animate.

I would really appreciate your help!

I have a Radeon RX 580 Series, 16 GB RAM, windows 10 and I animate using a Wacom Cintiq 22.

This exact same thing started happening to me today with the same circumstances. Were you able to fix it?

I unchecked the “enable playback caching” in the OpenGL settings and the problem went away. Though it only masks the problem- I would still like to use the playback caching. Not sure what about the playback caching is causing it