OpenGL or Direct3D?

I’m sure there are multiple factors to consider, but at the moment the facts about both renderers are over my head. I was wondering if someone could explain in layman’s terms which renderer is most beneficial in Toon Boom Studio, in what circumstances, and why?


To make things simple, if you video cards support the OpenGL renderer properly you should not have to consider using Direct3D. The Direct3D renderer will most likely be needed if you get graphical corruption while using the software with ATI or Intel onboard video card.

OpenGL renderer will give you better support on multiple monitor setup and allow you to use advanced features such as the anti-aliasing that can be triggered from the Preferences.

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Thanks for the information. If anyone else has the same question I did, one thing I surely noticed off the bat when switching over to OpenGL was the real time anti-aliasing in the drawing and camera views, which looks great. I was used to seeing it only when rendering a preview. Thanks again.