OpenGL export in Animate 2?

I finally found out what I was looking for, after a long search. I was looking for a pixel perfect export of animation frames. When I started looking I did not know, that an OpenGL export would do the trick. So here I am animating in Animate 2 and I have a perfect workspace with crisp graphics because I stay in OpenGL view mode instead of Render. Then when I’m ready to render out my frames, I find out that you need Animate 2 Pro to disable the damn Render mode. Tell me this is a joke! To render my animation in a viewable format, I have to get the Pro version just to disable the render export option? I’m open minded, so I will for now assume that I just don’t know what needs to be done, which is why I’m in this forum. So could someone explain to me what my options are?

As far as I know, there is no option “Export OpenGL frames” in Animate 2…?
Animate Pro should have that option:

Try the “Test SWF Movie” button from the Playback Toolbar, this should give you a vector-based render including effects,
but with no anti-aliasing…

I came across this thread because when I exported the animation I had made, the transparency around images was all messed up (inverted colours and streaks). It looked fine in OpenGL mode, but not in render.
Good tip exporting to SWF nolanscott. I did that and transparencies were all good, then I converted it to AVI using a 3rd party tool.
The images had been imported from .png if that matters, and I was actually using Harmony Stage Essentials. Maybe if I trialled Pro I could have directly exported to .avi using ‘OpenGL’ instead of ‘render’.
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