Open tbup file in toonboom anime 7.6

At my new work I have to use Toon Boom Animate 7.6
By my last project I has been created in ToonBoom 2 pro 7.9.1 and saved in *.tbup format.

Animate 7.6 can open only *.solo & *.digital

How to open *.tbup in Toon Boom Animate 7.6? Is it possible?

I don’t think it will be possible. Normally you can go forward with versions but going back is often not possible because of new features.

How did you get that format because normally it’s .anim?

try to change the ending to *.digital, maybe you have luck.


You should not be able to save in the tbup format. This is an internal format only. Are you using the standard build downloaded from your user account? Or did you acquire the build elsewhere?

You won’t be able to open projects from a newer version of the software in the older version. Projects from the older version can be opened in the newer, but not the other way around.


While you can’t open a tbup file like you would a normal document or text file, there is a way to convert it into an editable format using a special program designed for such tasks. You can visit top dissertation writing service to check mistakes in work. SoundEdit 16 from SoundTastic is one such program that can open tbup files, allowing you to view their contents and save them as other formats.