Open TB Harmony 10.3 files into 12.2 version

Hello everybody! Can I open harmony 10.3 files in the 12 version with no problem? I’m using harmony 10.3 for a long time and thinking about to upgrade to the latest version but i realize that harmony premium 12 has a .xstage extension and searching on web, a downgrade is not possible (rig opens ok but no drawing inside of it). So, if I open my files 10.3 .stage files into 12 there is a change to damage it?

You should be able to open your files of previous versions of Harmony with no problem, but after you save the files on 12 you can no longer open them again (at least properly) on 10.3, because they will be converted. So it’s advisable to save a 10.3 copy just in case something wrong happens.

Luis Canau

Thank you Luis! Iwill do this!