Open scene, layers and drawings there but can't see anything

Today I opened a scene that had many layers, drawings, jpgs, etc in it and all I could see was a blank grey screen. Zooming in and out shows nothing and centering the display view does nothing either. It doesn’t show anything in the drawing view or the camera view, nothing abnormal is disabled in the node view, I have no changed from the line art layer to the color art layer, nothing has changed since the last time I opened this file except re-organizing the nodes, selecting different layers or the camera does nothing.

I’ve had this problem occur often recently, but usually only when I try to open a new scene while I have toon boom open. If I close Toon Boom and start it up again I can usually open a scene no problem, but now even restarting toon boom won’t work. Anyone got an idea of what’s going on?


If you go to your project folder, then inside the ‘element’ folder, can you see any .tvg files inside the folders?
These are the actual drawings, it’s not because you see layers and the exposure in the Timeline that it means your drawings are still there.