Open GL View not displaying Deformers

Hi Folks,

I got a problem here with the Open GL View. It doesn’t appear to display the results of my curve deformers. In the render view it shows up fine though so, what gives? I have attached a pic with the issue as it stands and would really love it if I could get some feedback on this matter.

I have seen this issue before in an older forum but you never know…I am using Harmony 14 Premium and my graphics card is NVIDIA.

Take a look at the screen grabs I have for exact details. I really hope I can get a solution here (like everyone else on these forums lol)

Thanks in advance, whoever’s out there,


P.s. This issue has occurred with another rig as well…Half way through the scene I decided to ad some Curve deformers to the arm drawing and it was working well for a night and then by the following day it was acting dodgy like this current issue.

Also tried a bone deformer and i got the same results. (Rigged up in the same manner as the torso Shot I submitted. Oddly enough, the body responds well in the OpenGL view…what the heck is going on here?! lol


I cannot read anything or see enough in those images as they are too small (not your fault but the limitations of this forum software).

Can you set up an account with an image hosting site (not Photobucket) and link larger images?

Thanks a lot though…If I get a solution, I’ll share it up.

Thank you for the alternative links.

I am sorry I was unable to come up with any solution. There used to be a few things to set up in Preferences before using deformers because they can be taxing on your system. One was eliminated a couple of versions back and I do not think the others are necessarily going to help your situation.

I think the best thing to do is contact Support directly.

Good luck!


There’s the dropbox link my friend. Hope it helps us out a bit more.

Right-click the Desktop to go into the NVidia Control Panel.
Select "Manage 3D Settings.
Under the “Program Settings” make a profile for Harmony.
Set it to “Maximum Performance” for the graphic card.